Differences Between the Tacoma and Tundra

When it comes to pickup trucks, Toyota offers two excellent options which are the Tacoma and Tundra. While the Tacoma was introduced in 1995 in the midsize pickup segment, Toyota launched the Tundra in 1999 as a full-size truck. Both of these trucks have garnered a lot of appreciation over these years. They have many similarities and differences in terms of looks, features and performance. Here are the main differences between both of these Toyota vehicles.

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The Benefits of an Extended Warranty

A vehicle investment should be made after a lot of planning and forethought. Despite your best efforts, you may skip some important factors that demand your attention. The warranty is an essential factor of this decision that everyone knows about. However, there is one more feature called an extended warranty that you can choose with your purchase. It offers many benefits for car owners over time. This coverage will be available even after the original warranty expires....continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Leasing Your Next Vehicle

A lot of people have now started swaying towards leasing their vehicles instead of buying them and this is why leasing is a very popular trend among todays generation. If you have your reservations about the whole leasing process over the traditionally opted buying process, youre not alone. In order to understand more about possibly leasing your next car, you must always know all that there is to it. In order to provide you with a broader outlook on leasing, here are...continue reading

When and How to Rotate Tires

Many car owners have the same question: why rotate tires? The answer is simple. Tires tend to wear unevenly and in most cases, front tires wear more especially at the sides. By rotating tires, you can ensure both front and rear tires have the same tread depth which will ensure a smooth and safe ride. Here, we have provided you with important information about when to rotate tires and how.

Understanding Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is a standard practice which involves changing the position...continue reading

What Type of Coolant to Use for Your Car?

Not that long ago, most coolants were colored green. With advances in automotive technology, there are varieties of coolants available in a rainbow of colors that adds to the confusion. Not every coolant is the same and selecting the right type of coolant is extremely important. We have provided you with information that helps clear the confusion related to the types of coolants.

What are the Different Coolant Types?

Coolant type is determined by the inhibitor package it contains...continue reading

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