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So you need to get your car serviced. Maybe there’s a weird noise that you want checked out, or it needs an oil change or inspection. Maybe you need something repaired or maybe some engine work. Sure you could take your car to a car garage and have someone who has general knowledge of all cars working on it. Or, you could bring it to Rocky Mount Toyota and have actual Toyota experts take a look at it. Our team of Toyota-certified technicians are some of the best in all of North Carolina and have years of experience working on Toyotas. They are always up to date on the latest tech and engineering so they can work on any Toyota, new or old. Plus if you bought a new Toyota from us, it probably came with our Lifetime Warranty, which means our maintenance team will take care of your issue at a huge discount. Swing on over to Rocky Mount Toyota and see what a difference Toyota experts can make.

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An oil change may seem like something monotonous, but it’s actually quite essential. Leaving old oil in your car could result in excessive damage to your engine. Schedule an oil change with Rocky Mount Toyota and we’ll get you in and out in no time.

Bad brakes are nothing to be taken lightly. As soon as you notice something different or off about your brakes, bring it into our service center and let our Toyota certified technicians take a look. We’ll get you back on the road with a brake repair or replacement!

You love your Toyota for its performance and comfort. So, if you’re feeling anything other than a smooth ride, specifically a pull or shake while driving, you could need a new wheel alignment. Bring it into Rocky Mount Toyota and let us get you back to driving smoothly as fast as possible.

Bought new tires? You probably want them to last as long as possible right? The best way to do that is regularly rotating your tires. In fact, even those with older tires should be regularly rotating their tires to maximize their lifespan! Schedule a quick tire rotation at Rocky Mount Toyota today!

Staying comfortable is essential to enjoying a drive. But if your A/C system is on the fritz, you’re probably not going to be that comfortable. Bring your Toyota to the guys who know Toyota best and get your A/C back to perfection!

An electrical issue or something deeper? The dashboard lights are a constant nuisance that many just ignore. But if there’s something actually wrong, you could be making it worse by ignoring it. Schedule a fast diagnostic visit with Rocky Mount Toyota today and find out for real.

Our technicians are some of the best near Raleigh. So whatever you need done on your Toyota, you can rely on Rocky Mount Toyota to take the best care of you and your Toyota. Visit us today or any of your Toyota service needs!

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