Toyota Maintenance Schedules: When to Service Your Vehicle

Your Toyota needs regular maintenance in order to continue getting you where you need to go in Rocky Mount, near Wilson, near Greenville, and beyond for years to come. In order to maintain the same level of performance and safety as when your car was brand new, it needs some periodic upkeep.

Each Toyota model is unique; you can find your specific car model on this page and click to discover its recommended maintenance schedule.

Recommended Maintenance Timing at Rocky Mount Toyota

Toyota typically recommends scheduling regular maintenance at 5,000 miles or every six months; 15,000 miles or every 18 months; and 30,000 miles or every 36 months.

These maintenance appointments vary from minor services, such as an oil change and tire rotation, to major service, such as inspecting all systems of the vehicle and performing a road test.

General At-Home Toyota Care

Remember that in addition to your regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, it’s important to monitor the condition of your vehicle at home.

Be sure to check fluid levels regularly, perform visual inspections on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, and pay attention for any strange noises or changes to the feel of the car’s ride.

These procedures are further explained in the “Vehicle Maintenance and Care” section of your Toyota’s Owner’s Manual. If you notice anything about your car that you suspect may be amiss, be sure to contact your dealer for advice or to schedule an appointment to check out the issue.

Schedule Your Maintenance Appointment Today!

The service department at Rocky Mount Toyota takes immense pride in the quality of service we provide our customers. We believe that educating our drivers in how their vehicles operate efficiently is extremely beneficial.

Check out your Toyota model’s specific guide to understand when your vehicle should be receiving regular maintenance. We want our Rocky Mount, Wilson, and Greenville customers to be aware of their vehicle’s needs and allow us to help inspect, repair, and assess any maintenance needed. Contact us to schedule an appointment for service or an inspection.

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