Common Car Noises and what they Mean

Common Car Noises and what they Mean

While your car makes some crazy noises, it can be challenging to describe the sounds. While some noises can be usual, however, some noises can be alarming for a car owner. Before you get baffled by all the different noises, you must evaluate the common noises and their significance.

Below are some of the common car noises that you must not ignore.

  1. Clinking noise:

Have you often seen your car making a clinking noise while you try to get the car started? Well, it is one of the alarming signs to let you know that your battery is almost dead. If you find yourself in this situation, you must try using the jumper cables to give life back to the battery and inspect the connections well. However, if the battery fails to get charged, it is time for you to get a new one.

  1. Rattling noise:

Whenever you hear a rattling noise, it is time for you to inspect the trunk. The loose items rattling in the back can be a primary cause of the noise. However, if not, then it might be due to something loose being present underneath, such as the exhaust system. This is when you must replace the catalytic converter, another exhaust system, or a muffler.

  1. Humming, whining, or whirring:

Do you often find yourself hearing a humming sound when in the car? If your car is making one of these sounds, there might be several things at fault, such as a faulty transmission system, or a dire need for the differential to be lubricated, or the like. Without making any apprehension in mind, you must visit the service center.

  1. Chirping or squealing:

If you have been noticing a squealing sound, it might be due to the belt and pulley failing to work well, such as low belt tension, a worn-out serpentine belt, and the like. Such a sound might increase even more during acceleration.

  1. Flapping noise:

While a car makes a flapping noise, it can be due to a broken belt or a disintegrated one. At times, it also might be due to something getting interfered with by the fan. Irrespective of the reason, you must stop the car and get it checked if you hear any of such noises.

  1. Screeching sound:

We often tend to hear this sound while applying a brake pedal, and if you have been hearing one, it might be time to get a simple fix by adding fluid to the power steering pump. However, if it gets more serious, you might need to replace it.

  1. Roaring sound:

A damaged exhaust system might be the biggest concern when hearing a roaring sound. A crack or even a leak in the system might result in the noise. If it is not a leak, it might be due to the transmission failing to be shifted in the correct gear.

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