Do I Need to Take My Car to the Dealership I Purchased it From for Service?

Do I Need to Take My Car to the Dealership I Purchased it From for Service?

Do you fear that taking your car to the nearby garage for service will make your factory warranty void? There are many car owners who think like you. Here, we have tried to clear all myths related to service and the factory warranty coverage.

Is Service Important to Keep Your Factory Warranty Coverage Intact?

Yes, the car manufacturer warranty mentions the importance of regular maintenance in order to get the factory warranty coverage. If the company finds that you have neglected regular maintenance or have done improper repairs, it can deny you factory warranty coverage. You need to perform maintenance as per manufacturer’s specifications. You can take the car to the dealership for service or to any garage you trust. However, you need to ensure the maintenance is performed by qualified personnel only. The factory warranty does not mention that you have to take the car for service to the dealership only. You are free to choose your auto service provider as per your convenience.

What is Included in Regular Maintenance?

If you read the Toyota Owner’s Manual, some of the general maintenance items included are:

  • Checking and maintaining fluid levels, such as engine oil, brake oil, engine coolant

  • Maintaining sufficient washer fluid

  • Keeping radiator and condenser free from foreign objects

  • Checking for fluid leaks

  • Checking windshield wipers

  • Maintaining right air pressure in tires

  • Checking tires for damage or excessive wear

The majority of problems in a car arise due to negligence of maintenance. For example, if you do not maintain the recommended level of engine oil, the engine overheats due to friction between internal components. The result is that the engine may develop some big problems or eventually fail. To keep the factory warranty intact, you need to perform regular maintenance to keep your car in working condition. If you pay attention to regular maintenance, the chances of any problem developing in any part of the car are decreased.

What is Covered Under the Factory Warranty?

Every new Toyota vehicle is backed by several warranties which include basic coverage, powertrain coverage, rust-through coverage and emissions coverage. The basic coverage period is 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever is earlier. It covers all components except the ones that go through daily wear and tear.

The powertrain coverage period is 60 months or 60,000 miles, whichever is earlier. It covers the transmission, as well as the rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive system. The rust-through coverage is for 60 months and there is no restriction on miles. It covers corrosion perforation of sheet metal.

Things You Should Know to Get the Factory Warranty Coverage

In most cases, the car manufacturer does not deny repairs under the factory warranty coverage until it finds proof of negligence towards maintenance, alteration or improper repairs. To keep the manufacturer warranty intact, you need to take the car to an auto service provider who is reliable and has a qualified staff. The dealership is also a good place to take your car for service as it has qualified technicians to do the job.

If you are taking your car to a third party service provider, document the maintenance records and keep the receipts. Also, ensure the repairs are done as per manufacturer’s specifications.