How to Care for Your Car in Spring

How to Care for Your Car in Spring

Spring is considered one of the prettiest seasons — it is the season when the cold, gloomy weather slowly changes to bright and sunny, the dry and dead trees again come back to life and color abounds. However, it is also the season of pollen and allergies. Pollen not only affects our bodies but affects our cars, too. And this is the season when you need to take extra care of your car.

How to Care for Your Car in Spring

First and foremost, you should never park your car in an open space or under a tree during spring. This will make sure that your car does not get covered by a carpet of yellow pollen.

Next, you should use nothing but water and a car cleaner to clean your car. This is the best combination. Nothing works better than this. First, wash your car with water. Start from the roof of the car and then reach the bottom eventually. It is a good idea to use a hose with a nozzle for spraying the water. You can then use a car cleaner to clean the car. Next, rinse the car gently and dry it with a soft, clean towel.

Once the car is all dried up, apply a coat of car wax to every painted surface of the car to avoid scratches by pollen. The car wax or polish also erases the water stains that could be left behind while washing your car. The wax acts as a barrier against the pollen and keeps the body of the car protected.

These are the things you should use to spring clean your car. It is wise to not use only water, and you must definitely not try to just wipe off the pollen from your car. It could lead to scratches and other damages to your car’s exterior.

How to Ensure Extra Protection for Your Car

Remember that spring is the season when pollen is carried around the most through the air. And your car will act as a pollen magnet, no matter how well and regular you clean it. The only way you can minimize the damage that pollen can do to your car’s exterior is by being a little more vigilant with cleaning than usual. Even if you are not parking your garage in the open, you still need to give your car a good wash at least two times a week. This will ensure that the pollen does not stick to your car, and your car will look spick and span throughout spring.

The Bottom Line

Spring, even though a beautiful season, can be really tough for car owners. However, by following the previously mentioned steps, you can keep your car free from both damage and pollen. And if you feel that you can’t do it all alone, you could also take your car to the car wash center. However, remember to wash your car at least twice a week. Follow these steps and enjoy a long drive in a clean car this spring!