October is Fall Car Care Month

October is Fall Car Care Month

Cold weather is tough for both humans and cars. However, some preventive car care can keep your car in its best condition in cold weather. October is Fall Car Care Month and with these basic fall car maintenance tasks, your car will be ready for winter.

Examine the HVAC System

As winter approaches and the weather gets colder, and you will need the defroster and the heating system to work efficiently to keep you safe, comfortable, and cozy. You need to check the air conditioning system for any problems. Make sure the vents are clear and blowing out a sufficient amount of air. Listen for any knocking or rumbling sounds. If needed, get the HVAC system repaired by a professional before winter arrives. 

Check Tire Pressure

The dropping temperature also reduces tire pressure. According to tire experts, tire pressure drops by 1 PSI with every 10-degree drop in temperature. You need to ensure all tires have recommended air pressure. This is important for increasing fuel efficiency and preventing uneven wear of tires.

Inspect the Windshield Wipers 

Windshield wipers ensure that you get a clear view of the road. If the wipers are cracked or damaged, get them replaced before winter arrives. This will not only prevent damage to windshield itself but also help you see clearly in cold weather. 

Check Battery 

Check the battery connections for corrosion. Car batteries lose efficiency over time and most car’s battery life expectancy is between four to six years. If your car battery is older, get it checked by a professional. Check whether it can hold a charge and if the professional suggest s a battery change, get a new battery before the end of fall. 

Check Fluids

The car has different systems which need an adequate amount of oil for efficient operation. Some of the important fluids in your car are brake oil, engine oil, transmission oil and coolant. You need to ensure the brake fluid, transmission flui and engine oil are filled up to the recommended level. Also, look at the color of the engine oil. If the oil is black in color and dirty, get the oil changed. 

Examine the Exhaust System 

Exhaust system leaks can be dangerous and need to be repaired at the earliest. Check the exhaust system for any unusual noise, leaks or damaged or broken parts. Get everything fixed before winter arrives. 

Inspect the Hoses and Belt

Hoses and belts are vital to the efficient functioning of the air conditioning system and engine’s cooling and charging. Check the hoses and belts for cracks or other signs of damage. Check whether the belts are loose. If any belt or hose appears brittle or frayed, replace them. 

Small steps taken as preventive care can help your car work throughout the winter season more efficiently. If you are not confident of performing basic maintenance by self, take the car to the nearest garage for fall car care.