5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Car

5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Car

The whole point of making New Year resolution is improving your life. When your car takes you safely to an important event, your life is bound to improve. Shouldn’t you have a few New Year resolutions for your car, too? Here are five New Year’s resolutions for your car that can ensure it stays in good condition.  

1. Take Your Car for Detailing 

Your car goes through mud, dirt in the preceding year which affects its painted surface. The first thing to do is take your car to the garage for auto detailing. A full car detailing includes interior vacuuming, exterior wash and waxing, surface polishing and windows cleaning. Car detailing makes your car look good on both the outside and inside.

2. Remove the Junk Lying Around in Your Car

If you look inside the cabin and the trunk of your car, there are many unwanted items lying there. All these things may add up to the overall weight of the car and increase fuel consumption. It also makes the cabin look untidy. You need to ensure you remove any junk lying in the car regularly. Besides making the cabin uncluttered, removing junk would also increase the fuel efficiency of the car that will put some additional money in your pocket. 

3. Don’t Neglect Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance goes a long way in increasing the longevity of your vehicle. You should stick to a regular maintenance schedule and make sure you never skip it for any reason.  A few things that you need to take care of in regular maintenance are changing engine oil, maintaining the recommended level of coolant, brake oil and transmission oil. Also, check the condition of air filters and oil filters. If you are confident in your mechanic skills, you can perform some basic maintenance tasks at home. Oil change and maintaining fluid levels is not that hard. There is enough information and DIY videos available online for every basic maintenance task. This can save you a good amount of money. 

4. Check Tire Pressure Every Two Weeks

The tire pressure reduces with a drop in temperature. With every 10-degree drop in temperature, tire pressure is reduced by 1 PSI. Hence make it a habit to check tire pressure every two weeks or before you hit the road. Modern cars have a tire pressure monitoring system that makes your job easy. If you live in a colder region where the temperature drops below zero, change to winter tires for safety purposes. 

5. Test Your Battery Before and After Winter

The battery is the most affected auto component in winter. As temperature drops, the efficiency of the battery also drops. During winter your car needs more charge to start the engine, so you should make a New Year’s resolution of testing your battery before and after every winter. Check your battery for leaks and corrosion and get it thoroughly tested by a professional. This will reduce the chances of starting problems in winter. 

The New Year resolutions given here are intended to make you a responsible car owner. The health of your car is important for stress-free driving and these New Year’s resolutions will help keep your car in good condition in all seasons.