Tips for Improving Gas Mileage

Tips for Improving Gas Mileage

Improving your gas mileage can reduce fuel costs and also help the environment. Here are some tips that can help improve gas mileage and get you more out of a gallon of fuel.

Avoid Excessive Gear Changes

Did you know that every time you drop a gear, the fuel consumption increases? According to auto experts, aggressive gear changing behavior increase the fuel consumption by 30%. Normal gear-changing behavior not only increases gas mileage but also reduces CO2 emission that is good for the environment. Modern cars have cruise control features that advises the driver on gear shifts and also maintains steady speeds to improve gas mileage.

Remove Excess Weight

If you are forgetful or unaware about things lying in your trunk, then you are burning more fuel every day by carrying around the excess weight unnecessarily. It is a known fact that an increase in weight means that the car’s engine has to burn more fuel. Car manufacturers use different techniques and technologies to reduce the overall weight of the car to improve gas mileage. You need to remove all unwanted things from the car to reduce the load and improve your gas mileage.

Avoid Speeding

Speeding not only increases the risk of accidents but also increases fuel consumption. Driving the car at speeds above 60 mph increases fuel consumption due to an increase in aerodynamic drag. Excessive speeds also put stress on the engine and transmission that can also increase maintenance and repair costs.

Switch Off the A/C When Not Required

It is habitual for many car owners to keep the air conditioner on all year around. But the big question is, do you need the air conditioner on even in the winter? The answer is no. You could do without the air-conditioning during colder days. The air conditioner in your car uses some fuel and you can improve gas mileage by turning it off when not required.

Accelerate Smoothly

Driving smoothly means anticipating the right acceleration and braking points. You need to be alert on the road and be aware of the traffic conditions to drive in right manner. The perfect way to drive your car is by maintaining a steady speed of 50 to 55 mph and in the highest gear. You need to avoid passing other vehicles especially when driving on city roads as you will be only cruising ahead to wait at the next red signal for a longer time.

Maintain the Right Air Pressure in Tires

Tires have rolling resistance which increases significantly when the air pressure in tires is low.  According to auto experts, a 10 lb. psi drop in air pressure in tires could increase the fuel consumption by 1%. It is not that tough to maintain the proper air pressure in tires. You can get the air pressure checked at gas stations and ensure the air pressure in tires never falls below the recommended level.

Avoid Engine Idling

Modern car engines start and stop at a press of a button. An idling 420hp car engine can consume fuel at a rate of two liters an hour. Hence, you need to avoid engine idling at red signals or any time. This tip can prevent wastage of fuel and improve gas mileage.