How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

Spring is tough on your car, especially with all the pollen around. Trees release pollen through the whole season, so you’ll find cars coated with yellow dust everywhere. If you leave pollen on your car, it will damage the paint. You need to clean pollen off your car using the right methods. Here are some tips to get you started.

Wrong Methods of Cleaning Pollen off Your Car

Pollen might look harmless, but it isn’t. Many car owners think that wiping off the pollen isn’t a big deal. Pollen has microscopic prongs that push in deep when you try to wipe it off. This causes scratches to the surface. Also, don’t try to dust off the pollen when the car surface is damp.

Just splashing water on the car surface won’t get rid of all pollen. Some pollen sticks firmly to the car’s body panel and stay on even when rinsed with water.

Right Method of Cleaning Pollen off Your Car

Pressure washing or hosing down your car is necessary to get rid of pollen from your car’s surface. You will need a few things to clean your car:

  • A pressure wash nozzle

  • Soapy water and sponge

  • A hosepipe

  • A cotton cloth and a microfiber cloth

  • Quick detailer spray

  • Car Wax

Steps to Get Rid of Pollen off Your Car

1.     Connect the nozzle to the hose. Spray water on the roof of your car. Make sure the water is pressurized to push the pollen off. If you still see pollen particles, use a combination of soapy water and a sponge to remove the pollen, and rinse with the pressure hose.

2.     After cleaning the roof of the car, clean other areas like the windshield, side windows, rear window, and other body panels of the car. Only clean one area at a time. Don’t move to another area until you’re completely done with the one you’re on.

3.     Take a soft cotton cloth and wipe the car dry.

4.     Spray some detailer liquid on the microfiber cloth. Wipe the detailer liquid on the surface using the cloth.

5.     You can apply a wax coat to the car for additional protection.

During the pollen season, if you live in the city, wash your car at least once in a week. If you live in a rural area or somewhere with lots of vegetation and coniferous tress, make sure to wash your car at least twice a week.

If you are feeling less enthusiastic of cleaning pollen off your car by yourself, you can take your car to a car wash. Some car washes offer a touchless package that keeps hard brushes off your car, and cleans with high pressure water and chemicals. After the car wash, don’t forget to take your car to an auto detailer.