Essential Tools That You Must Have in Your Car

Essential Tools That You Must Have in Your Car

Being a car owner, you are responsible for the safe upkeep of your vehicle and your personal safety as well. Emergencies are always unwarranted and they strike at the most inconvenient times. You should face them with proper preparations that include some essential tools.


This small yet powerful saving tool can be attached to the driver’s seat. In emergency situations when you get stuck in a car that catches fire or gets submerged in water, a lifehammer can be the ultimate lifesaver. This tool is strong enough to break the window glass and cut through the seatbelt fabric. For easy access even in the dark, it has a luminescent point on its body.

Speed Charger

A dead car battery is nothing short of a nightmare for a driver. If your car’s battery gets drained completely and you become immobile in an unfriendly location, a speed charger is a tool that you need. This small device can be used to boost the battery of your vehicle. Choose a charger that has automatic functions and multiple charging modes for more convenience.

Tire Pressure Gauge

The tires of a car should always be optimally filled to ensure a smooth run on the road. Hence, you should constantly check the air pressure using this device. It measures the level of air released from the tires and also inflates leaky or flat tires. You can connect them to a valve to measure the air pressure accurately. Both manual and digital pressure gauges are available so you can choose according to your preference.


A flashlight is a must-have tool in your emergency kit. If you commute or travel during dark hours, this is the device you simply can’t do without. It gives sufficient lighting even on the darkest roads. You should buy a high-end flashlight integrated with a powerful battery and a magnetic feature. It can be attached easily to the car while you check under the hood.


You should ensure that your car safety kit has a multi-tool that can provide multiple functionalities to help you out of an emergency situation. This tool is often integrated with different types of files, pliers, knives, scissors and wire cutters to serve multiple uses.

Multi-Drive Wrench

Like a multi-tool, you must have a multi-drive wrench to unscrew the nuts and bolts of your car when it gets jammed. This tool has wrenches in varied sizes to fix nuts and bolts of any component easily.

Tire Sealer

Most vehicles come equipped with a spare tire. However, this spare also fails sometimes when you need it the most. In such emergencies, you need a handy item like a tire sealer or inflator. It is a can that is filled with a sticky compound used for fixing leaky tires. You can also use a tire inflator by hooking it up to the valve stem. The product inside the can will find the leak and fill it with air pressure.

Keep these tools handy in your car to fight any emergency with ease.