Driving Safety Tips for Your Teen

Driving Safety Tips for Your Teen

One of the greatest excitements of a teenager’s life is the time when they earn the coveted learner’s permit. The next step is naturally demanding a brand-new car that they can use to travel independently. Whether you choose to grant their wish and buy a brand-new vehicle or have them practice driving in the family car initially, you will need to counsel them on traffic rules and road safety for new drivers. This write-up provides you with crucial tips that serve this purpose.

Only Get Behind the Wheel When You are Well Rested and Alert

Research has presented that teenagers who haven’t grasped the risk of driving without being well rested can make bad judgment calls on the street when they are short of satisfactory sleep. You must advise your teenager to always drive when they have enjoyed a good night’s soothing siesta.

Wear a Seat Belt at All Times

The first lesson you are taught when you drive your car is to wear the seat belt. While this is simple to do, many often deem it a cumbersome task. However, you must not forget that any unnecessary delay on your part can be a mistake. This humble belt can make all the difference should you happen to be the part of an unfortunate crash. In the event of a collision, this can do a magnificent job of protecting you. It reduces crash impact and helps you escape with minor bruises. However, without a seat belt, you are at risk of major injuries like being thrown through the glass of your vehicle’s windshield.

Never Drive Intoxicated

Parents of teenagers often avoid informing their kids of the risk of driving intoxicated purely because they assume their ward will not indulge in driving under the influence when they are underage. However, you must plan for contingencies and inform your child of the hazards of getting behind the wheel when they are not sober. A simple conversation with your teenager can save them from getting DUIs. Whether your teenager is in high school or college, consumption of alcohol is not unusual at parties even for underage individuals. Hence, a word of caution can go a long way and make your teenager drive with a lot of prudence.

Chaperone Your Teenager’s Initial Car Rides

While this is not mandatory in any sense, it is a good idea for most parents. It would be best to chaperone your teenager’s initial car rides. You can help them navigate tricky situations and give them a vote of confidence for making the right judgment calls. Moreover, your presence could help them adhere to the speed limit at all times and avoid having a nasty car crash that resulted from inordinate speeding.

Whether your child has just been gifted a brand-new automobile by you or he or she just happens to be driving your old vehicle, adhering to the above tips will aid your ward in making safe journeys.