What Vehicle is Best for Graduates?

What Vehicle is Best for Graduates?

It’s that time of year when you have completed your graduation and are now planning to buy a vehicle. This will be your own vehicle as you have decided not to settle for anymore hand-me-downs from family members. Now, you are independent and it is time to let the whole world know.

But the biggest question still remains unanswered. How do you start? Shopping for a vehicle can be an extremely challenging task. So we have provided a few tips that will help you glide through this process smoothly.

The Debate of New vs. Used

In the past, people preferred a new vehicle to a used one as it was thought to deliver better performance on the road. But, in modern times, when the overall quality of vehicles has improved drastically in the past few years, even used cars have started giving excellent performances. If you test a vehicle that has been in use for 5-10 years and has been maintained properly, it will easily compete with a new vehicle. Also, used cars come at a lower price tag and do not put a strain on your pocket.

On the other hand, a new vehicle is equipped with better technology and has a special feel to it. These features might make a person crave a new vehicle.

Ultimately, it is your choice. Compare the pros and cons of both used and new vehicles and decide what will suit you the best.

Is it Better to Buy or Lease?

A question that bugs many graduates is whether they should buy or lease their vehicle. If you are planning to see the world, then leasing your vehicle may not be the best option. A person who is thinking of sticking around can get lease their vehicle and get a much better model. When leasing, any damages will be covered by the dealer. It is indeed a good deal for the right kind of user.

Do Brand Matter?

Brands have lost their importance in recent times. Cars these days are more reliable and it does not depend on brands anymore. In the past, if someone had a car like those found at Rocky Mount Toyota, only then they could relax and truly enjoy it. But this is not the case in today’s times. If you look around a little, you can definitely get an awesome deal on a variety of different brands.

How Important is MPG?

Claims like "best miles per gallon in class" are aimed at swaying customers. However, what these advertisers don't tell you is best by how much. There is so much competition in the market which has led to a cluster of high MPG vehicles in each class. Therefore, you should choose wisely.

Your first vehicle will always hold a special place in your life. Go ahead and get the vehicle of your dreams.