Which Summer Tires are the Best?

Which Summer Tires are the Best?

For a smooth ride, you need to ensure your set of wheels is equipped to handle the changes in weather. Summer tires cater to both wet and dry surfaces. They are designed to provide the necessary grip and traction in warmer conditions. In the summer season, one tends to use their vehicles more often. Hence, greater care needs to be exercised while choosing the most appropriate set of summer tires. Carefully study the features of each before arriving at a decision. Take your pick from the list of some of the best summer tire options below.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

This tire is specially designed for high-powered sports cars. These tires maximize your car’s potential and significantly improve your car’s capabilities by delivering exceptional dry grip in humid conditions. It is one of the top performers with an emphasis on comfort and lower tread wear.

Continental ExtremeContact Sport

If you are keen on a genuine all-rounder that does not compromise on comfort, look no further. This tire has perfect grip in dry weather, caters to wet conditions, is stable and ensures a smooth ride thanks to its improved high-speed braking feature.

Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport

This tire boasts top-notch grip levels on wet and dry asphalt. It allows for interchangeable mounting, very good traction in dry weather and responds well while undertaking driving stunts providing all the performance thrills without compromising on tread life.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire is equally adept in wet and dry conditions, is ideal for everyday travel and comes with an unmatched tread wear warranty. These tires are used on some of the world’s fastest cars thanks to their superior quality and clever construction. They are not meant for freezing temperatures so avoid testing them in snow or ice.

Dunlop Direzza DZ102

These tires are suitable for a variety of models from high-end sedans to sports cars. They are considered a unique product that perfectly combines performance and price. Dunlop Direzza tires guarantee precise steering even in cooler weather.

Bridgestone Potenza RE-11

This extreme performance summer tire is designed to get the best out of your car. Its steering is very responsive. Also, the traction and grip displayed on both wet and dry surfaces is simply world class. Another advantage is that it has excellent cornering ability and the overall feedback received has been extremely positive.

Choose the most feasible option in terms of quality and pricing. Also, bear in mind your specific requirements from a usage standpoint. The type of car you drive is another deciding factor as the tires being used have to conform accordingly. Appropriate tires are a necessary investment. An ill-informed decision taken at the initial stage may lead to incurring additional expenses to repair the damage caused. Your car plays a significant role when it comes to outings with loved ones. Make it a memorable and smooth ride on every occasion, leaving nothing to chance.