The Best Holiday Sales Events

The Best Holiday Sales Events

If you want to save money on your next vehicle, you might have thought to buy it during an exciting sales event. There are many of these events to look forward to, but how do you know which one is right for you? Here are some of the best sales events to look forward to.

Presidents Day

If you’re looking for a new SUV or all-wheel drive vehicle, Presidents Day is the perfect time to do it. The demand for these vehicles plummets around Presidents Day, and salespeople are ready to get their excess stock off the lot. Plus, it’s right at the end of winter, which is a huge sales slump for dealerships. Even if a dealership isn’t offering a sales event on Presidents Day, this is the best time to try and haggle down the price on your favorite vehicles.


All car dealerships have an annual sales target. Christmas and other winter holidays are their last chance to get customers in the door to meet their goals. Most people don’t think to buy new cars while they’re out finishing their Christmas lists. So, instead of attracting lots of customers, dealerships put more energy into offering better discounts for the customers that do come in. You might see a dealership offer 0% financing, free insurance, and many other financial incentives to make that final sale.

Black Friday

Black Friday is a shopping day celebrated around the world. Most businesses have some kind of sale to attract customers, and customers love to take advantage of that. Dealerships often have sales of their own to get customers through the door. If you want a good deal, wait until Black Friday to find deep discounts and amazing financial incentives.  

Labor Day

Labor Day comes on the first Monday of September, and it is a great opportunity to buy a new car. These events offer some of the lowest prices of the year because the next year’s models are just around the corner. Car dealerships want to make as much space as possible for the new models, so they will offer amazing discounts on the current year models to make room for new inventory later on.

Independence Day

Some call it Independence Day, some call it the Fourth of July. No matter how you name it, the Fourth is a big day for retail sales, and car dealerships rarely miss out on this event. To attract customers, car dealerships offer attractive financing options, cash discounts, and other exciting deals to sell their stock.

Memorial Day Car Sales

Memorial Day is another great time to buy a new car. Car dealerships are under pressure to clear old inventory before the new models show up in the fall. Salespeople usually offer reduced prices, or 0% financing to get the keys in your hands.

Car dealerships and salespeople always have to meet sales quotas. Car dealerships take advantage of the extra time consumers have on holidays to make sales. If you stay patient, you can benefit from these sales as much as the dealerships do.