When Should you Not DIY Auto Repair?

When Should you Not DIY Auto Repair?

We all like to be the kind of person who can perform car repairs at home. If you are good at disassembling and assembling things, you might think you can manage most car repairs. However, modern cars are computer controlled machines. Reading repair guides does not make you an expert. To be on the safe side, you should never try complicated car repairs. Here is a list of car issues that require a trained mechanic.

Windshield Repair or Replacement

If your windshield has a crack, don’t try repairing it using a DIY windshield repair kit. These repair kits don’t repair cracks fully. The crack may expand further and the windshield could shatter while driving. Whole windshield replacement is even more difficult. You need specialized tools to fit the windshield. You might buy a wrong sized windshield on accident, or the windshield could have one corner off or may have a wrong curve. According to auto repair experts, windshield repair and replacement is a job for professionals.

Electrics Repair

Be very careful and take the correct safety precautions before attempting any electrics repair in your car. The electrical system in modern cars is computer controlled and the wiring is complicated. Without proper knowledge and diagnostic tools, it can be hard to diagnose the problem. You need to find the cause of the problem, and then figure out the way to repair it, and then you need to calibrate all of the components after the repairs are completed. If you are facing any problem with lights or the electrical system in your car, take the car to an auto electrician.

Seatbelt Servicing

Seatbelts are life-saving tools in your car. If the seatbelts are worn or damaged in any way, don’t replace them yourself. You need lots of mechanical knowledge to get it right. Many seat belts have a pre-tensioner in them and they cannot be fitted by the general public. Just like airbag replacements, you need a professional.  

Suspension Repairs

Many car owners think that suspension repairs are easy when they look at brushing, arms, and struts. These seem like thin metals that can be easily replaced.  However, you should never attempt suspension repairs on your own. A single mistake can damage the entire suspension system. You need special equipment to repair suspension, and it cannot be done at home.

Engine Repairs and Tune-ups

Today’s car engines are computer controlled, and fixing engine problems is not easy. It is a complicated piece of technology that cannot be handled by an amateur mechanic. If your car engine is guzzling more fuel or having startup problems, take the car to the garage. The engine tune-ups and repairs need advanced diagnostic tools to find the root of the problem before it can start repairs. Engine tune-ups require calibration of several sensors and only a person with the right knowledge can tune up the engine correctly.

No matter how tempted you feel to try auto repairs on your own, you should certainly not try replacing or repairing the components mentioned above. Following this advice will save you from trouble and unnecessary expenses.