5 Dangerous Driving Habits That You Should Break Now

5 Dangerous Driving Habits That You Should Break Now

When driving on the road, your safety is a priority. Despite having technologically advanced and safer vehicles, it is still difficult to avoid accidents unless you drive safely. Many people have some dangerous habits that may lead to severe accidents. You should break such habits right away to stay protected while driving. Here are the 5 most dangerous practices that you should avoid.

1. Speeding

Needless to say, speeding is a major cause of accidents. It claims more lives than you can imagine. If you also drive your car beyond permissible limits, it can be dangerous for you. You become liable to penalties because every state has specific speed limits to be followed by every car owner and driver. Sometimes, it even makes you lose control over the car and this is a fatal situation.

Break your speeding habits by staying compliant with recommended speeding limitations of your state. Control your urge to pass other drivers and stay patient.

2. No Seat Belt When Driving

If you feel comfortable driving without wearing seat belts, this habit can be dangerous for you. A seat belt is an understated piece of equipment that ensures the safety of drivers and passengers while in the vehicle. Yet, it is largely overlooked in practice. So, if you avoid wearing seat belts, you should break this habit right away. Even airbags in your car will be effective only if you wear seat belts.

Learn how to wear them properly to stay protected while driving. You should wear the lap belt under your belly whereas the shoulder belt should be worn over the collarbone to save you from impact in a road crash.

3. Using Phones When Driving

In this digital world, you need to stay connected using smartphones. However, driving is not the right time to use these gadgets as they are a major distraction. Texting or speaking on a phone when driving can lead to severe accidents. Many drivers have a habit of using their phones every time they stop but they hardly put it down on resuming the drive. If you also have this habit, it’s time to break it right away.

Refrain from using cell phones when driving. You can simply keep it away from your reach or put it on silent mode. If it’s necessary to make a call, use the hands-free device or download apps that disable your phone when driving.

4. Driving When Drunk

This is a major cause of accidents in the country. There are stringent laws pertaining to driving under the influence or drunk driving. Under alcoholic influence, you may lose your vision power and ability to respond quickly.

It’s better to avoid driving when you are drunk. Take the help of a designated driver to reach your destination and stay safe.

5. Feeling Drowsy

If you have a habit of staying up until the wee hours and driving sleepily, you should know about the dangers of this habit. It can be as fatal as drunk driving. If you feel sleepy or drowsy at the time of driving, in reduces your ability to respond quickly.

Get a good night’s sleep before driving to stay protected. If you do feel drowsy, pull over for some time and take a nap before starting the ride.

These are some extremely dangerous driving habits that you need to break right away.