5 Classic Car Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

5 Classic Car Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

Some vehicles have timeless brand value. These are classic cars that remain etched into the memory of people years after their introduction in the market. Backed with unique features, these cars are designed sleek and futuristically to withstand the changing trends. After a decade or two in the production lineup, they became iconic and timeless. You can find one of these legendary vehicles from a reputable used car dealer. Here are the top 5 classic models to start out your search.

1. Toyota Corolla GT-S:

The brand value of Toyota and lightweight design of Corolla GT-S reigned supreme in the automobile market for many decades after its launch in 1985. The Corolla has a distinctive aerodynamic shape paired with a powerful inline 16-valve 112 hp DOHC engine. The GT-S was reinvented by Toyota several times, eventually evolving into the AE86. If you are looking for a reliable brand and a classic vehicle infused with high-end features, the Corolla should certainly be on the top of your list.

2. Toyota Supra:

When the Toyota Supra was introduced as the Celica in 1978, it got people talking. It was destined to be one of the best-selling vehicles of all time. This car remained in production for 25 years, updating the model annually to keep up with changing design trends and to please avid car consumers. It was re-introduced as the Supra Mark IV in 1994 with a superior design and powerful torque.

3. Lexus RX300:

This high-end luxury vehicle was unveiled in 1999 and became an instant legend. This vehicle marked the shift of SUVs to become passenger cars, functional like an SUV and stylish like a sedan. The RX300 was a best-selling Lexus model, representing nearly 40% of Lexus model sales. It made Lexus a market leader for luxury crossovers.

4. Porsche 911:

The launch of this classic car shook the automobile market. It was launched five decades ago and still dominates the roads with its distinctive charm and perfect style. This car completely revolutionized luxury sports cars. It ranked fifth at the 1999 Car of the Century competition, cementing it as a classic and timeless vehicle.

5. Ford GT40:

The Ford GT stood true to its value and status as a cult classic vehicle when it won the title at 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2016. The GT won the title on the 50th anniversary when it won the same title in 1966. It was known as a supercar, possessing class and elegance that’s unmatched and inimitable. The aerodynamic shape of this car still races the hearts of Ford aficionados.

These are the best five classic car models to keep in mind when you look for a classic vehicle of your own.