Top 10 Common Vehicle Repairs

Top 10 Common Vehicle Repairs

When buying a car, there are many factors that you should keep in mind to make the most of this investment. Repairs and maintenance are the most important components of the cost of ownership that you incur over time. You can elongate the lifespan of your vehicle by timely inspections and repairs. Here are 10 common repairs that a car may need:

1. Thermostat

It is an important device that measures the engine’s temperature and sends it to the car’s computer. This data helps in regulating the vehicle performance. Hence, a thermostat should be deeply inspected if your car is a bit older.

2. Spark Plugs

As a vital component in your car’s engine, spark plugs not only send sparks to the ignition chambers, but also help the fuel to ignite for engine performance. This component should be timely inspected and well-maintained for the longevity of a vehicle.

3. Catalytic Converter

The exhaust system in a vehicle has some hazardous compounds trapped inside it. These components, including carbon monoxide, should be neutralized properly using a catalytic converter. This device has a longer lifespan but it may break down if the exhaust system repairs are delayed.

4. Oxygen Sensors

It is also a significant component in the exhaust system of a vehicle. When the readings on your odometer exceed 60,000 miles, this component should be replaced. You can keep it in good shape with regular inspections by a certified mechanic.

5. Suspension

If the suspension bushing in a car is damaged, it can lead to leaks in the shock absorbers and influence the overall performance of your car. You can prevent this repair with timely maintenance.

6. Mass Airflow Sensors

This device consistently determines the amount of air getting inside the engine of a car. With this data, it becomes easier to measure the air to fuel ratio. For the long and smooth running of a car, ensure timely replacement of the air filters.

7. Transmission

From the clutches to the manual gearbox, every component in the transmission system is susceptible to damage. In fact, the automatic transmission systems also fail. You should avoid this failure by getting the components serviced on completion of 40,000 miles.

8. Ignition Coil

It is an equally important part that sends the signals to spark plugs to initiate ignition. When this component is not working properly, it can cause severe damage in the ignition system as well.

9. Fuel Caps

Loose fuel caps can impede the safety and performance of a car’s engine. It is a simple device that can be repaired at a low cost. When you take the vehicle for regular maintenance, the mechanic may change this device after inspection.

10. Brake System

Brake pads and rotors in the braking system are prone to premature wearing. To prevent this repair, get the brake pads replaced more often. Also, you should visit a mechanic if you hear constant noise coming from the brakes.

You can enhance the service life of your valuable car by understanding these common repairs that can happen to any vehicle.

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