Are you in need of a reliable vehicle and need to establish or reestablish your credit?

Rocky Mount Toyota Credit Builders program can help!

At Rocky Mount Toyota we understand that anyone can encounter credit challenges, and we understand that a person's credit score doesn't reflect their level of responsibility or their current ability to make on-time payments. We respect all of our customers and any unique situation they may be in.

Build Your Credit with An Auto Loan

If you have bad credit, you might think that getting an auto loan is nearly impossible. While bad credit can make the process a little more complicated, you can still get an affordable auto loan on a high-quality vehicle. What's more, timely payments will help your credit score! Take a look at these tips to learn what you can do to secure a loan and start improving your credit!

Ask Your Friends or Family to Cosign

Your friends and family know you best, so even if you have bad credit, they understand that you are a reliable person. Is there someone in your family who would be willing to cosign on your auto loan? If so, they can help you secure a larger loan and possibly lower your interest rate. 

Consider a Longer Payment Period

Depending on your budget and current expenses, it could be difficult to save for a down payment on your vehicle purchase, but bringing even a small amount to the table can greatly increase your chances of getting a bad-credit auto loan. It doesn't have to be much, even a few hundred dollars can make a difference, and it will show lenders that you are capable of handling money responsibly. 

Keep an Open Mind on Options

Everyone wants a brand-new vehicle with a fully loaded interior and all the best comfort features, but sometimes you have to compromise when you have bad credit. Remember that bad credit is temporary, and as you start making regular payments on your auto loan, your credit score will show steady improvement. You may not get everything you want now, but it won't be long until you can bring home the car of your dreams!

Bring Proof of Income, Tax, and Other Documents

The more information you can bring with you, the better. Bring pay stubs, tax documents, proof of income, and anything else that will give lenders information on your ability to repay an auto loan. Some lenders may want to see different information, so bring it all with you just to be safe and you'll improve your chances at an affordable auto loan, even with bad credit.

Why Choose Rocky Mount Toyota?

  • Easy credit approval
  • We are NOT a buy here-pay here dealership- all loans are through accredited financial institutions!
  • All Credit Builders loans kept in good standing will work toward building and improving your credit
  • All pre-owned vehicles in the Credit Builders program are safe and reconditioned by certified technicians
  • Nearly all pre-owned vehicles include a 100,000-mile warranty, and additional coverage is available
  • Over 300 pre-owned vehicles available at all times
  • Affordable service and repairs
  • We offer a Conquest and Loyalty Program
The Rocky Mount Toyota finance center offers our North Carolina customers access to credit assistance and available bankruptcy approval programs that were designed to help even the most credit challenged individuals obtain a new or quality used vehicle. We understand that not everyone has perfect credit, but we don’t believe that should disqualify you from obtaining the vehicle you’re looking to purchase. Regardless of your current credit score or your previous credit history, Rocky Mount Toyota wants to help! The experienced personnel that makes up our finance department work hard to provide our customers in all of the surrounding areas with the opportunity to purchase a quality vehicle, while at the same time helping them improve their credit score through an auto loan they can afford.
We also offer a convenient online financing application that can be completed to see if you can possibly receive instant credit approval! If you live in any or the surrounding North Carolina communities, stop in today and let the Rocky Mount Toyota finance team tailor a car loan designed specifically for you.

Credit Approval Available in Minutes

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As with any auto loan from an automotive loan provider, the applicant will be required to provide records, for example, proof of auto insurance and a current, valid driver’s license. If applying a subprime car loan, the applicant will have to bring a few additional records. The reason for extra documents is a moneylender is incurring a high risk when financing a subprime car loan. By requiring additional documents, the financer is taking additional steps to ensure that the loan will be likely to benefit both the applicant and the lending institutions.

Here is a rundown of the documentation that subprime loan provider suggest that you carry with you when you initially go to the dealership finance department:

  • A valid driver’s license – Verify your license is not expired, revoked, or suspended. Also ensure the address listed on your driver’s license is current and matches your state of residence.
  • Proof of insurance – Take care to include the name of your agent and a reliable contact number. Preemptively adding a new car to your policy will not be necessary until approval.
  • Proof of residency – A recent bill for utilities, such as water or electric, is sufficient proof so long as your name is listed and matches the address given.
  • Proof of employment – For approval, a recent (within 30 days) pay stub stating your year-to-date earnings is sufficient. Self-employed individuals must provide two years of professionally prepared tax returns.
  • A list of personal references – Most finance professionals expect six references. A reference means any individual that knows you personally — be it a family member, friend, or work colleague. Your list should include full names, addresses, and phone numbers. Keep in mind your references cannot reside at the same address. As a courtesy, get permission from your references before listing them as a lender may contact them.
  • Phone number verification – Any phone number provided must be in service and under the applicant’s name. Prepaid cell phone numbers will not be accepted.

  • **See dealer for complete details.